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active window glitch


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so this is my....10th(?) install of tiger. (random kp's that were only sometimes my fault)


on the last 2 or 3 installs, i have had a problem with my active windows. by that i mean the window that is currently on top. the "focused" one i guess you could call it.


heres the problem: say i was working in safari, and ichat is also open. then i clicked on the desktop, then clicked back on safari. it would choose safari as the active window for only split second, then switch to make ichat the active one.


not quite sure why this is happening, it never did before. it doesnt seem to be program specific, just anything that is open. even if only one application is open, it will switch between that app and the desktop.


i have also tested usb mice and they seem to suffer the same glitch, so i would not think that the trackpad would have anything to do with this problem.


sytem specs:

Acer Aspire 3680

Azaliaa Audio

Atheros wireless


will provide more if needed.

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