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  1. greetings to all subscribers to my thread! long overdue silk, but ive finally updated to find the time to update to 10.6 retail. all info is on the front page. good luck everyone, and please let me know if there are any errors / missing steps in the guide.
  2. i just dl'd both the guide and the rar and they look correct. the guide is for retail 10.5, and the iso is in the rar. the slimbuild.iso in the references folder is the Boot132 iso. its a custom made for this model of Acer. when you run the script thats what it names the iso file.
  3. what options are you choosing? also, you might need to try a different disc. iPC is good, ive used it.
  4. glad it worked for you, even though our hardware is so different. it doesnt display time remaining for me either, nor show a difference when im on battery or ac adapter. in energy saver i also cant set sleep preferences for the two separately. i think something is wrong in the kext with 10.5.8. it knows there is a battery and gets a charge for it, but isnt reporting it to the system correctly, hence the missing options in energy saver prefpane and the no time estimate. guess we'll just have to wait on superhai or someone to make a better kext.
  5. ive never gotten mine working. maybe once upon a time with tiger. but havnt recently in leopard. when i use it i can hear crackling and it picks up snaps but doesnt actually process it correctly. i would love to have it working too. does everyone else have their headphone jack working? i think physically broke and wont ever work again.
  6. so i have retail 10.5 installed on my acer, with Chameleon v2 bootloader and i have the neccessary files in /Extra/Extensions to make it boot. i then updated to 10.5.7. when i tried to apply the usual hacks to get audio, lan, battery meter, mouse and keyboard working, they wouldnt work. i first tried putting them in /Extra/Extensions like you are supposed to, but they wouldnt load. lots of errors seen when booting -v, something about dependencies or version requested mismatch. and yes i remade the /Extra/Extensions.mkext and changed the last OSBundleRequired in the kexts to Root. i ended up having to replace the kexts in S/L/E to make everything work, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a vanilla retail install, and i would rather do it the right way. so i guess my questions are: 1. anyone know why the kexts arent loading? 2. is there a difference between Root and Console flags? 3. is there a way to load bundles that go in /System/Library/SystemConfiguration? 4. is there anything else im missing?
  7. i was able to on my laptop, 10.5 retail install to 10.5.7. if the retail system boots on its own using chameleon or whatever you used, the update should go smoothly.
  8. EFI & Retail Hang - mDnsResponder

    hey guys. had this problem on my acer 3680. using retail leopard 10.5 install with chameleon v2 bootloader. had to drop dsmos and SMBIOSEnabler kexts in the /Extra/Extensions folder. not sure if this will work for you, but thats what did it for me. best of luck.
  9. ha! yeah ive been fighting with that problem for days on an acer 5920. tried so many chipset fixes and everything else i can think of. got it working once, but when i tried to duplicate it i couldnt get it working. not really sure what to do.
  10. nice work man. i have yet to do any playing with mine this summer. not enough downtime to get around to it.
  11. haha yeah ive seen that thread. but i already had most of the same stuff, so i never mentioned it. it is good though. once the semesters over with ill attempt to reinstall using some different methods and post up the results. hopefully the retail install will work, as that will produce the safest to update with.
  12. yeah man if you can find that bundle ill put it in the zip in the main post.
  13. oh thats good. any idea what made it show?
  14. hmm, thats weird. you dont actually have to use the powermanagement bundle i dont think. but i installed so long ago i dont really remember, so i could be wrong. if its not working, one thing to check is to make sure the permissions and ownership are set correctly. in a month im going to try some different installs and see how they go. maybe attempt a boot 132 and retail install.