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Listen to iPod through Bluetooth Headset! Finally!


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What I used (and works):


> iPhone 8GB Unlocked using 1.1.1

> Nokia HS-11W

> Also working with 1.0.2


Here's how:


1> Pair your headset, make a test call to see if it works. End the call normally.

2> Dial *#307#, press call.

3> Press the answer button twice with 2 seconds delay in your bluetooth headset (If you don't do this correctly, you will continue to listen the ringtone in headset)

4> Press answer on iPhone.

5> Press the home button, do NOT end the call.

6> Open iPod and play a song, you won't get sound from iPhone, nor headset.

7> Once it is playing, press the home button.

8> Open phone.

9> Dial 0, press Call.

10> It will ring again, answer.

11> Press audio source, select your headset.

12> Press home button, do NOT end call. (we're almost there)

13> Open iPod and play anything you like.


Now, you will get iPod playing through your bluetooth headset.

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