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GA- P35 DS3P dual graphics cards

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Ok so I have been reading up lately, and from what it looks like, the 8800gt is by far the best performance / dollar. That means that I want to get that for pc gaming. However, It also doesn't look good for OS X.


My idea was this:


GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3P motherboard, which has two big PCI-e slots. One is configured as x16, the other as x4. So, I was thinking I could get a cheap mac-compatible card (i.e. 7300 GS) and put it in the first slot, configured as x4. Then, I could put the 8800gt in the second slot, configured as x16. When I play games on windows, I plug the monitor into the 8800gt, and when I am on mac, I plug it into the other card.


Would this work?

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