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Best OSx86 support for new PC.

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I am planning to build a new PC and run OSx86 on it. I will also run windows on it so i will have 2 harddrives for best possible support.


It will be an Inter based computer because it seems that it will be a lot more compatible than a AMD based PC.

The E6750 seems to be a good processor for its cost and seems to be very overclockable.


I need help on which Motherboard to get!


I know that Intel chipset motherboards will run better but i really want an SLI motherboard.


List the best motherboard you know of for both Intel chipsets and nForce SLI chipsets.


Not everything has to work right out of the box as long as it can boot up enough for me to fix it with KNOWN drivers that are already available.


Please help me out i will be building this soon.

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I tried. I cannot seem to find the right answers. It takes a long time to look at each motherboard and then look at drivers and things etc... i though it would save me a lot of time if someone could just tell me their success story.

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I am looking to buy a new motherboard too.. I just went through 3 in the past 2 weeks.. if u want easy compatibility: Dont use: ECS PT890T-A, Abit AB9pro, ECS 945GM. Abit with its Jmicron and horrid compatability for SATA and PATA drives, you have to keep going into bios and messing around with ACHI, IDE in the Jmicron setting and in the PCI IDE setting to get it to read the patched dvd. The ECS PT890T-A. Well i've tried mac.nub, jas 10.6, 10.8, Kalyway, BraziliMac. The least it does. It wont boot the CD.. the most into install it does.. Installs just fine.. but wont boot OS X. Kernel Panic and thats it.


I've been researching and I can find so many discussions where people state their mobo works but there seems to not be an agreement which one is the best. Everyone has that one that actually worked and thats what they live by. So getting the answer your looking for.. Probably not going to happen. you just have to keep going through the forums and find topics about that specific board.


I'm still looking to find a fully compatible mobo for Leopard.


Let me know if you find anything in your research. From what i've seen the Intel 975 Bad Axe 2 seems like what I might go for.. still all up in the air.

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