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Strange problem with wow on tiger ....

John Burton

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Hi together , my problem is very mysterious , i have WoW installed on my iMac with tiger an leo , in leo it runs normal but in tiger there are strange problems with the textures ....


i have install it new now but the same problem :(



here a screenshot







My Hardware :


20" iMac (Alu)

Ati HD 2600 Pro 256mb

4GB Ram

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go check the officer mac wow support forums




unlike every other official wow forum, the 2 devs that are responsible for the mac port and QA'ing/testing it actively respond to almost every post (tigerclaw and justink). also check if there are any other threads about your issue.


off the top of my head, i believe the issue has to do with the drivers for your new ATI card. this thread here apparently confirms it (not sure if its your specific issue)


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