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Intermittent Problem With Artifacts

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Recently I got the 20" aluminum iMac with the 2.4Ghz, 320GB HD, and ATI 2600HD Pro Video.


This problem first happened my first day, thought it was a fluke, turned it off and on and it was fine. Today it happened again. It kicked in as I installed Vista through Bootcamp. Everything was fine, then I changed the interface to Aero and that's when it hit.


When I move the mouse little artifacts would come up on the screen. They seemed to be consistent with the mouse position (ie. moving the mouse over the same area produced artifacts in exactly the same spots. In fact, holding the mouse over an area that produced artifacts kept them on the screen "frozen" until the mouse is moved again).


I know how difficult this problem is to explain, so I have enclosed a video. Keep in mind I do have the glossy screen so the video is of crappy quality overall (had to use my Creative Cam on my Dell laptop to shoot it) but the artifacts are clearly visible, and I also illustrate the effect of having the mouse not move and the artifacts holding constant.


I wonder if this is related to the problems everyone else is having with the video freezes and other things.


Anyway, here is the video: http://www.greggibas.net/imac.wmv


After the computer is shut down for maybe 30 seconds the problem goes away.


I am wondering if I should return this to the Apple store, exchange it, or wait for a software fix. I would hate to return/exchange it unless it was the last resort since I already have all my stuff installed.

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