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Best Build? what are the best components?

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Im looking to build an OSX. I would buy a mac, which i did, but want a pretty powerful computer. What components would you guys recomend that can run everything the best?


Processor - I am looking at the E6750 or E6850 - Im thinking they would be fine (correct me if im wrong) because they are core 2 duo which is what macs use.


Motherbaord - This is where i am STUCK. I know which motherboards are good (asus p5w deluxe, bad axe 2) but i want one that has SLI as i will be using it for my windows (and hopefully osx86 if its ever supported)


Video card - mac.nub released an 8800 series fix that i can use 8800 series cards. i will most likely purchase 8800gt since its almost as good as the GTX but is half the price.


Guys please help me out i will be ordering all of these really soon. Thank you.

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There are SO many threads here about that.

What about some more reading?


I looked everywhere and couldint find anything. Im sure there are threads like this but what do i search? i tried that. I just want someone to give a straight answer. I know the p5w and the bad axe 2 are good but they dont have SLI and i want SLI for the windows part. If you have links about this can you please post them. Thank you.

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