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Mount Failed - NTFS Disk


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this is kind of odd.

on my second hdd i have 2 ntfs partitions. leopard mounts one of the partitions perfectly but it wont mount the other one. it gives this error when i click mount:


Mount Failed

The disk “Music/Movies” could not be mounted.

Try running First Aid on the disk and then retry mounting.



that partition mounted perfectly in leopard so i'm not sure how i can fix it..

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Before using your NTFS partitions from any other OS :


Be sure to check your NTFS partitions from m$ windows :


Open a terminal : win + R > type cmd + enter


run : fsutil dirty query drive_letter:


if it says it's ok ... you can leave it as is or check with following anyway, if not :


For only errors check, run : chkdsk /f drive_letter:

For bad sectors check, run : chkdsk /f /R drive_letter:

This last command can be very long (hours !!) according to your NTFS partition size


If there are errors on your NTFS partitions most of the time only native m$ windows tools will be able to warn you for error - repair them with /f and or search for bad sectors with /R

(though there is now tools under linux etc ... but still not as reliable as those from windows)


hope it helps

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Tried the above,

(Paragon mac-ntfs 3.3)


I am having the same mounting problem. I can see it works for so many people, but not for the O.P. nor I! :blink:


I verified/repaired all HFS+ disks in Disk Utility. I also checked all NTFS Volumes under Vista. No errors. When I used NTFS-3g, when a disk had errors, it would not mount, but in this case they are all clean.


Are there any working NTFS solutions on Leo yet?


On Leo, mini. Thanks.


Edit: I read 3.3 does not work on Leopard. But 3.2 does, can anyone confirm this?

Would be nice to get it working, instead of using NTFS-3g (it does work, for the record)

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