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Returning to a Hackintosh from my Mac Pro :-(

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A little history, then I'll get on with it...When Apple announced they were going to switch to Intel CPU's I immediately got on board and began working towards running OS X on my beige box. After a lot of hard work and frustration (which with the new OS X install images seems to have almost disappeared now) I was able to succeed and was so impressed by the performance and usability of OS X that I jumped off the Microsoft bandwagon and bought a Mac Pro the day after its official release. That's the machine I'm using right now. I must say that in many ways it's more impressive than any PC I've ever owned. I've put drives in all 4 bays and added another DVD DL burner. I've even installed Leopard but....I guess I should have expected the extreme lack of hardware upgrades of any kind. I suppose I thought that Apple would provide new GPU's and CPU options as upgrades....Whoops....


Anyway, I miss gaming on my PC so much that I can't take it any longer. The POS Nvidia 7300 GT that came with my machine won't even give me 20 FPS while playing Bioshock in WinXP. That's with all the details on low and the resolution set to 1024x768. Now with all the great games on the horizon, I can't wait on Apple any longer. I wish I could walk into my local geek mart, buy the latest and greatest GPU and pop it into my machine... Why has apple locked its power users into such a narrow selection of hardware? Will they ever offer me something worthwhile (that isn't insanely overpriced)? The ATI GPU is an option, but its WAY overpriced, not much faster than the Nvidia POS ...Sorry I'll stop ranting.


SO, I'm going to sell my Mac Pro, minus the HDD's on Ebay asap. Once this is done, I'm going to take what I get for the sale of the machine (hopefully around 2,300) and buy the nicest PC rig (Dual SLI gaming jugernaut) that I can afford that will also run OS X. That's why I need some advice. I have built my own PC's for 17 years now and unless there is a great deal/100% OS X compatible brand name workstation out there, I'd rather build a bare-bones rig. But I've been out of that scene now for a couple years and am not quite sure where to start.

So if any of you could provide me with some help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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I feel you! i don't own Mac Pro but i am glad i did not buy one Yet! cause the lack of new GPU rolling out scared me away for sure.


So therefor i built my Hackintosh around my lovingly Intel Bad Axe2, i simply love this motherboard.

It run Mac OSX so fast that i don't know what to say! Specs are: Core 2 Duo @ 3Ghz and 2GB ram. pretty much the standard now days.


But i am looking for a new replacer that can take over for my BadAxe2! cause i want more speed and GPU Power, maby a dual socket motherboard with SLI something?!


My conclusion is that this board is dead simple to deal with =)


So i might just get a Quad cpu and upgrade my now old 7800Gtx (witch still can handle Bioshock) to a 8800 something or newer.

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ASUS P5k-e/WFIF AP seems to be a great board. I'm getting one fo rmy new rig. It's crossfire though.


I'm not sure about SLI boards and mac os x.



Thanks! I've always liked Asus Main Boards. It's good to here there still doing well. Does anyone know of an SLI setup that will work (Nvidia) ?

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