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So I've been trying to install OSx86 for the past few days on my machine. Its mainly taken me this long because I keep interpretting as what is happening as the wrong thing, and getting confused when really I was on the right track.


At any rate, what I've managed to do is get my installation mostly working. I have sound working, have internet working and I have DVD working. Frontrow doesn't work (most likely due to my problem).


So the issue: My video card doesn't quite work yet. Mac OS sees it as an NVIDIA card, but I can't get any higher resolution than 1280x1024, which on a 22" display is rather large.


My video card is an eVGA 7950 GT KO. I'm trying to get it working with 2 Samsung 226bw monitors, with no luck.


I have seen that there are ROM flashing techniques, but I'm kind of weary of this, mainly because I haven't seen a ROM specifically for the eVGA 7950GT KO (seen it for other models), and I don't really want to destroy my video card.


Question is, how do I get my 7950GT KO working with my OSx86? I've tried the modifying the Natit Dual kext files. This speeds up and fixes some of the drawing issues. I've tried the NVInject (not modified) and all I got was a blue screen on boot and no error messages.


Any suggestions? If you think I should flash my graphics card, anyone know where an eVGA 7950GT hacked ROM is? Are there alternatives (drivers) that I can use? Where and how do I use these?


System Specs:

  • OSx86 uphuck 10.4.9 i
  • Intel E6600 2.4GHZ
  • ASUS p5B Deluxe
  • 2048 RAM
  • eVGA 7950GT KO

Thanks for any help!



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Thanks Moose.


I just finished getting my computer setup. I followed the steps at NVInject and hacked my ROM and flashed that. Everything now works great. Mac OSX in its 2x 22" glory! :D




Hey I have the exact same card. Thanks for the reassurance that I can get it to work. I am going to go check the steps at NVInject... What kind of hack did you have to do to the ROM before flash.


Also does the card still run great in windows/Linux. I love OSX and all but I need windows for certain projects I have open using visual studio and directX9... THanks

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