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  1. Hey Im working with the exact same board. Thanks a lot for the info. I see in your specs that you have 4 1G Ram sticks.. I have been having problems with a similar config. I have 4 sticks of OCZ pc6400. all four are same sticks... I can only stay stable with two of them in. I have tried setting all timings to default 4-4-4-15 t2 with a stock ratio of 1066/800... did you experience any issues with your RAM on this MB? And if not what vendor and model ram are you using because this has been driving me crazy having 2Gs of RAM on the shelf in front of me not getting used... Thanks again
  2. McDooglepoots

    Graphics Help

    Hey I have the exact same card. Thanks for the reassurance that I can get it to work. I am going to go check the steps at NVInject... What kind of hack did you have to do to the ROM before flash. Also does the card still run great in windows/Linux. I love OSX and all but I need windows for certain projects I have open using visual studio and directX9... THanks
  3. McDooglepoots

    I run 10.4.8 on my T60, but...

    This thread is great you guys. Alright so I have an ATIx1400 in an acer... Got my QE/CI and resolution change down with a little mouse tear but I am happy. Now onto the next hurdle... getting dual monitor from DVI or S-video out so i can use a projector. when my VGA is hooked up It only displays on second monitor and my DVI and S-video are dead it seems. Thanks so much
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    Universal Audio Plugins

    Most of the ReFX stuff has been ported to UB: Vangaurd, quardaSID, NEXUS. Also the PSP crew: Vintage Warmer, Nitro, Lexicon, Neon. I saw a few Arturias mentioned earlier in the thread but my CS80, minimoog, and moog modular are working. My Ableton Live 6.0.5 still crashes sometimes on OSX... My supatrigga and my live cut arent working like they should... Ive used these effects for years now and the ppc livecut was a bit shakey but the UB doesnt even play audio through when audio is on the fly instead of pre-rendered... I still use XP a lot for making music because it is stable and my plugin Library is quite ridiculous. I couldnt live without Dblue glitch, Jackdark stuff, Livecut, supatrigga, Voxengo tools(love em), and BBE sonic maximizer....
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    Fios from Verizon...

    I got a guy in one of my classes that just upgraded to FIOS for 39 bucks a month and he loves and brags so freakin much. I also know he is running a webserver from his house which was his main reason for switching early. Apparently it works great and like I said he brags so freakin much.
  6. If you go in windows you can find your VendorID and DeviceID (or a linux live cd). In windows go to device manager and it looks like this(mine is different because Im a 1400 and actually typing from an ati 9200...): PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5C61&SUBSYS_8189104D&REV_01\4&20FB2818&0&0008 Then go into ATI1x00.kext, search for a string and replace numbers with your dedviceID. I found a great tutorial but I didn't bookmark it and I couldn't find it again when I looked just now. If you do a title only search for your card you should find something. I think the 1300 has easy installer packages anyway... I still cant get this darn thing to have higher native resolution... I can have 1400x1050 on an external monitor and it looks great, but as soon as I take my laptop with me res sucks... I am also still having trouble with built in eth0, Its a broadcom netXtreme gigabit Ven#14E4 Dev#1654. Ive tried a few different things and I am about to go search as I am determined to have some network connectivity... Thanks for any help with my struggles.
  7. alright I hit F8 and "?video", a long list of different resolutions came up.... Are these the possible resolutions My box supports??? I still cant get anything above 1024x768... edited com.apple.Boot.plist so many freaking times now and nothing seems to have any effect (other than it not booting when i add @"anyThing) will any good ol guru come school me real quick please?
  8. I have been trying to get this to work all freakin day.... and still no changes in screen res... I got my QE/CI to work (with a little mouse tear) and my video card (ati x1400) is working other than resolution change. I have tried many different ways to force resolution change in com.apple.Boot.plist . At the moment it looks like this (with timeout and cpus=1 working fine): <dict> <key>Kernal</key> <string>mach_kernal</string> <key>Kernal Flags</key> <string>cpus=1</string> <string>"Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32"</string> <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>12</string> </dict> so I have tried taking it from 32bits to 24bits, I have tried a few different Hz(@60, @83, @85), I have tried making Graphics Mode a key and resolution string. Nothing is happening.... I cant live w/1024x768. I just cant. Please anyone, tell me where I am going wrong.... Thanks in advance.
  9. McDooglepoots

    10.4.8 halt on "Started CPU 01"

    back again, sorry Im crazy, I must have typed cpus=1 and thought I did 2.... It looks like core duos have to type this in because BIOS says there are 2 processors where mac reads dualcore as one. You can go edit your apple.Boot.plist and fix this so it boots right into mac without having to type cpus=1 everytime. how to thread here Now onto screen res and networking...
  10. McDooglepoots

    10.4.8 halt on "Started CPU 01"

    Alright so I am on an acer 2Ghz dual core super similar specs to the original... tried booting -x cpu=2 and it went furtur on into setup... I have been trying to install without ati drivers and then I found this thread and got it to work so it worked w/o ati drivers. I am going back and doing another install right now with x11 and ati drivers installed and going to retry...