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Asus P5K & Intel E4400


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Asus P5K Vanilla (0406 BIOS)

2x1 Corsair PC 6400 C4

Intel E4400



Air cooling about 28C idle about 45C at load


Can get this rig to post at @ 3.8 Ghz, but OS won't load (neither OSx86 nor Windows)...I've been playing around with settings but don't have too much time.


@3.5 Ghz OSx86 is rock stable...BUT...the PCI (and PCIE) bus are funky. My wireless card doesn't always work, the Open GL performance drops by 50%, and JMicron controller is a hit/miss (only works like 50% of time)...but system doesn't crash.


Has anyone gotten a fully working rig with a P5K and E4400 to boot/be stable at faster speed? If so, can you share with me your motherboard settings?


BTW -- running this at 333x10....tried dropping to x9 and 400 Mhz FSB but can't get it to post (can't figure out the right combo of settings).




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try to "overclock" your PCIe speed to 105MHz. Because I'm sure you have a PCIe bug and it's running at 1x (check system profiler in Leo, or check in Windows, you'll see).


To fix PCI speed to 33Mhz, just Disable PCI Spread Spectrum or something like that.


Running a E6600@3.53GHz here, not that great but it works :D

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