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firewire or soundcard driver?


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Hi, I bought a Firewire Soundcard, Phonic Firefly 302+.

Because my mb , gigabyte 8i865gma775 doesn't have a native 1394 , I have a pci to firewire card from via.

I have 10.4.10 kalyway version, and it said, unknown device, on the 1394 port.

It does see the tranfer speed but it doesn't see it as a sound card.

They (phonic) say that it should be  recognized from 10.3.7.

I know that this is a hack-intosh so I don't know if the problem is from soundcard driver, or the firewirecard driver?


please help...

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I´ve got my Phonic 302 working on my Asus p4p800se (and it´s an older mobo with Pentium 4) connected with a Pci Fw card cause there´s no Fw on my mobo, so have you really checked your audio midi setting in applications/utilities cause I think it should work since your mobo seems to be pretty much newer than mine. I´m getting short droputs (milliseconds) in the sound iregularly from time to time no big problem but I get that using my other semipro soundcard to so it has nothing to do with the Phonic.

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I've got the same issue here with my firefly 302.

The device is recognised in 10.4.11 and can be used as an output.

My system is based on a BADAXE 2 with onboard firewire.

Connecting a microphone to it, the sig and clip LEDs are flickering, when scratching it or making some noise and the meter in the sound sytem preferences panel is moving as well.

In the audio-midi-setup app, it is recognised an set up properly, but the controls are greyed out and not accessible.

The funny thing is, the meter, as said before, is showing the input, but I'm not able to monitor it at all...




Or did by chance tried anybody the firefly in LEO and does it work there?

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