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Maxxuss AMDPCNET + VMWare + 10.4.8 = Networking?

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hi all,

i've thrown almost every thing i could at my installation of 10.4.8 to get it on the network, but every single thing fails.

e1000, NAT, bridged, everything!


for those of you lucky to have gotten JaS 10.4.8 onto the internet in vmware 6, could you help me (step by step)?

is it not connecting to the internet because i never let it 'talk with apple'?




i guess what i would like to know is how to move small files to the host computer. if i could figure that out, i wouldn't need the internet...


p.s. i haven't done the maxxuss amdpcnet, though. i really have no idea what that is or how to use it :D

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Followed all the steps to a T and nada. The networking even pulls an IP from the Router that matches up identically but beyond that nothing happens cant even ping the router or any web addresses. Would like to get this working asap so I can do some further testings and toying with another OS in my arsenal.

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