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[SELL] iBook G3 20 GB 12" Airport


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wow buddy, i got the same exact one for my mom. Paid 158 for it with free shipping on ebay.


FYI, I have sold two similar iBooks on ebay. They were 600MHz and had a frontside bus of 100 instead of 66 and were maxed out with ram.


I got 258 for the first one. And 305 for the second one. I bought them both for 300. that is a 263 profit.


So, I got my 158 dollar iBook that I am giving to my mom for nothing and its like they gave me 100 bucks.


Go ebay, someone will definitely overpay for it there. List on Saturday nights, big bidding night for some reason, around 830 - 9 ish.

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