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Install Leopard flat image on any size partition


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Hi there.

Here is a solution to install OSX Leopard flat image from Demonoid on any partition size.

Very useful as a backup clone of your osx hdd.

I have Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo and Intel Quad 6600. The system is working fantastic "out of the box". After the installation from Windows boots without any problem and is running great. Network, wireless network, sound, full graphics.


1. You know where to find the torrent. You will find there the instructions. (Extract the flat image in a folder than add dd --list.bat, dd.exe and "write leopard-x86-flat-img disk X" from the respective folder in the same place. If you are running Vista use right-click and run as an administrator option.)


2. Also you need Carbon Copy Cloner - free application available here http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html.

I used a second partition with Tiger to store the cloned image, but you can also restore the image using Disk Utility from any install DVD.


3. Brazilmac postpatch files and bootfix files. You also can use search on this forum to find out how to make a cloned image of your hdd bootable.


So, basically you make a clone of the 15 GB partition, which can be stored it on another Tiger partition, DVD, flash pen, etc.

Then boot from any Tiger install DVD (or Leopard) and erase the partition using diskutil. Restore using the cloned image.

U can use Carbon Copy Cloner to restore the image if u have another Tiger partition. Another partition is helpful also for fixing the boot quickly.


When u use restore your cloned hdd image it will extend on entire partition.

Now all u need is to make the partition bootable. And it will work just fine.

About making the partition bootable - meaning adding manually the bootloader - u can find a lot of topics in forum. Just use search.

The Brazil postpatch also explains how to make the partition bootable.


For me is very useful. I've made all my setting when it was on only 15 GB and now i have the clone ready. ONly need to use restore and Leopard is ready.

The image size is only 2.8 GB.


Hope this is helpful. I wanted to post this because it works excellent for the Asus P5W DH Deluxe, and as far as i know few other. Right after install.


Good luck! :)

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I created a 7 GB image which I was going to upload for people to install using this technique. The problem is that restoring from a DVD is not possible if you only have one Disc drive and diskutil doesn't like to read .dmg files from ntfs partitions on the same drive. The flat image method starts to seem less attractive. Since there is a DVD out now, that should be the best method to install. Thanks for this information though. Perhaps you should post it as a how-to in the tutorials section.

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Hi Conroe Mac.


If u use Carbon Copy cloner the compressed image in dmg format will have only 2.8 GB. And diskutil can read very well the image.

At this size the situation can be totally different. U can store it on several devices.

I'm not going to start another topic.

I just wanted to help, because the system work flawlessly right from beginning (so those with mobo like mine don't have to patch a thing). And there are a few mobo's that can work very nice with Leopard.

What i mean is that all the kext's are right/ Don't need something else.

I've tried all the applications that i use with tiger. All working, including Adobe Master.


By the way, u are doing a very good job here on this forum!

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