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how to get 1280x800 on sony s45 with intel 915GM?

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Tiger or Leopard?

What DVD is the OS? (JaS, Deadmoo, Upchuck, Kalyway, Custom, etc)

Version? (10.4.*, 10.5)




For Leopard w/ Kalyway there is a driver for it.

For Tiger w/ Jas 10.4.8 there is a driver for it.


Not sure about anything else. I'd just google for a kext.


If you did list ur os and version sry i probally didnt read it well enough.

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Great to get answer, mine is Tiger Jas 10.4.8, I looked through internet, and seems few successful without short jumper on VGA port or external display, could you please give some information? And is the intel 915GM chipset the 900GMA display card?

Many thanks!

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Well you do the installation jas 10.4.8. and only check the intel sse2-sse3 uncheck all the other boxes when installing.

it sould reboot after the installation is compleet. importante dont use the inteldisplay gma900 support drivers they some time dont work.

now at boot type

-x "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@60"

Hope that your card wil support this in vesa 3 mode

If you graphics card will support it, meannig you have the drivers working and such you can add "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@60" to your com.apple.Boot.plist in /Library/preferences/systemconfiguration/


like this

- Open the terminal (in OSX: Applications > Utilities)

- Type in:


sudo pico /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist


- Add:


< --key>Graphics Mode< --/key>

< --string>1280×800×32< --/string>


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to remove the “–” from the code and change the resolution to a resolution you want.


- Save the file


- Reboot your computer


helpfull winky link



Note: If your video card is using VESA 2.0 drivers, leave out the '@60' part as it only works on VESA 3.0 will cause the system to reset before getting anywhere.

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Thanks so many friends!

To Candykane: I tried your method, input -x "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@60" and system boot up, but nothing changed, it is still 1024x768, I think maybe my driver is not installed right, do you have the driver kext? And on the other side, when I press F8 when startup into Darwin/x86, it is showed 'VESA 3.0', I'm not sure does this means mine can support?


fredouille: I opened your link, actually I'm really a junior and know nothing about CI&QE, and I don't like short jumper on VGA port, I worry a little about danger, I can study CI&QE if you can give me some links.



Espionage724: could you give me a bt link through my messagebox here? Thanks!

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It won't work without the dongle. The 915 drivers are b0rked. They were never meant for use in production systems and don't seem to support LVDS very well (which makes sense, because ADP2,1 was a desktop and thus only needed to support external displays.)


We should be thankful it 'kind of' works properly with a dongle (though it would be nice if you could disable external displays in OS X...)


People with GMA900-based machines are going to run into severe difficulties soon, methinks. One day, Apple will release an OS update that breaks older drivers, I'm sure - they often change the way various driver frameworks work and in doing so break old drivers, and sadly, AppleIntel915 has not been included in OS updates for some time now.


Probably better to try and get hold of a newer laptop with GMA950 now, since Apple actually use that in production machines and are thus committed to providing drivers for it in future OS versions.

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Yes, it means you don't hve the GMA900 drivers installed, which is why you can't get 1280x800!


You HAVE to install the drivers and then you HAVE to use the dongle or an external monitor connected at boot to get anything other than a blue screen at boot.

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