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Ok I'm not too stupid because I've got 10.4.6 running on my wifes acer laptop.

What I want to do is take my hdd back out & run it in my laptop, which is wildly incompatible. (Clevo 2700T)

So where can I upgrade up to 10.4.10 say and load cpu and chipset patches?

Yes I have looked, not just here but googled, wikied, torren... etc. :D

It would be great to be able to plug the drive into different computers and have a mac attack!

Be gentle I know many things but this is new to me! - and yes I am going to look some more!

Does pandnaka's system work? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...45272&st=40

what is gma900?

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Ok so what's impatient about waiting five days without a single reply?

Not even a "welcome to the forum but I'm not able to help".......

You haysead (SIC) are no help, pretty useless really and if you want to start throwing around insults then I suggest you stop bleating all over the place and get some real knowledge, at the moment I certainly don't feel outclassed.

If anyone has any idea about running OSX86 on a Clevo 2700 I would love to know, my wife wants her laptop back....

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