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Doom 3 won't run!


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I can't run doom 3 even though i have a core 2 duo 2.0 ghz processor with a nvidia 7600gs graphics card and 2 gb of rams!!


This is the log i got:


DOOM 1.1.1283 MacOSX-ppc Feb 15 2005 10:27:13
Hostname: *****-computer.local
doom using AltiVec for SIMD processing
------ Initializing File System ------
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game00.pk4 with checksum 0x7dafc4d4
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game01.pk4 with checksum 0x51c6981f
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game02.pk4 with checksum 0xf3ec6f7
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game03.pk4 with checksum 0x5d4230ea
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak000.pk4 with checksum 0x28d208f1
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak001.pk4 with checksum 0x40244be0
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak002.pk4 with checksum 0xc51ecdcd
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak003.pk4 with checksum 0xcd79d028
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak004.pk4 with checksum 0x765e4f8b
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak005.pk4 with checksum 0x8ffc3621
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak006.pk4 with checksum 0x95b65ab
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak007.pk4 with checksum 0x666bdb3c
Loaded pk4 /Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak008.pk4 with checksum 0x23ae5993
Current search path:
/Users/islam/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/base
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak008.pk4 (3 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak007.pk4 (38 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak006.pk4 (48 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak005.pk4 (63 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak004.pk4 (5137 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak003.pk4 (4676 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak002.pk4 (6120 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak001.pk4 (8972 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/pak000.pk4 (2698 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game03.pk4 (2 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game02.pk4 (2 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game01.pk4 (2 files)
/Volumes/My Data/Games/Mac/Doom 3/base/game00.pk4 (2 files)
game DLL: 0x0 in pak: 0x0
file system initialized.
----- Initializing Decls -----
------- Initializing renderSystem --------
using ARB renderSystem
renderSystem initialized.
5206 strings read from strings/english.lang
Couldn't open journal files
execing editor.cfg
execing default.cfg
couldn't exec DoomConfig.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
5206 strings read from strings/english.lang
----- Initializing Sound System ------
sound system initialized.
----- R_InitOpenGL -----
Initializing OpenGL subsystem
 fullscreen: yes
640 480 Fullscreen
x86 Warning swap_gliSetInteger_ints:198: unknown gliSetInteger int 1705(0x6A9)
x86 Warning swap_gliSetInteger_ints:198: unknown gliSetInteger int 989(0x3DD)
FIXME: Sys_UnfadeScreen
------- Input Initialization -------
6 sound device(s)
 0: ID 280, Built-in Microphone - Apple Computer, Inc.
 1: ID 278, Built-in Line Input - Apple Computer, Inc.
 2: ID 288, Built-in Line Output - Apple Computer, Inc.
 3: ID 286, Built-in Line Output - Apple Computer, Inc.
 4: ID 284, Built-in Line Output - Apple Computer, Inc.
 5: ID 282, Built-in Line Output - Apple Computer, Inc.
select default device, ID 288
current nominal rate: 44100
current frame size: 512
frame size allowed range: 14 12288
setting frame size to: 4096
using stereo channel IDs 1 2
...using GL_ARB_multitexture
...using GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
...using GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
...using GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3
...using GL_ARB_texture_env_add
...using GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two
...using GL_ARB_texture_compression
...using GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic
  maxTextureAnisotropy: 16.000000
...using GL_1.4_texture_lod_bias
X..GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette not found
X..GL_EXT_texture3D not found
...using GL_EXT_stencil_wrap
...using GL_NV_register_combiners
...using GL_EXT_stencil_two_side
X..GL_ATI_fragment_shader not found
X..GL_ATI_text_fragment_shader not found
...using GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object
...using GL_ARB_vertex_program
...using GL_ARB_fragment_program
X..EXT_depth_bounds_test not found
---------- R_NV20_Init ----------
----------- R200_Init -----------
Not available.
---------- R_ARB2_Init ----------
Cg not available.
---------- R_Exp_Init -----------
Disabled at compile time.
----- R_ReloadARBPrograms -----
using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory
using ARB2 renderSystem
Regenerated world, staticAllocCount = 0.
Shutting down sound hardware
[b]----- Shutting down GL -----
FIXME: Sys_FadeScreen
Releasing displays
FIXME: Sys_UnfadeScreens
----- Done shutting down GL -----
Sys_Error: couldn't find game dynamic library[/b]


Any idea why it's not running?


Thanks in advance ;)

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Are you sure your card truly supports OpenGL?

It can be the case that the System Information shows QE and CI working but when you try out OpenGL apps they fail.

There's an OpenGL extension viewer you can try out to see how it is with your system.


On my sse2 machine 10.4.10 just will not work properly with OpenGL even though QE and CI seem to be supported. Perhaps others have this problem to. You won't notice OpenGL being broken when you don't run OpenGL programs as 2d often is successfully accelerated in those cases.



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Thanks for your reply...


I downloaded the program and this was the error in the report i got:


GL_ARB_half_float_pixel was not found, but is available in driver version 2.0 NVIDIA-1.5.2 
GL_ATI_blend_weighted_minmax was not found, but is available in driver version 2.0 NVIDIA-1.4.52
GL_ATI_point_cull_mode was not found, but is available in driver version 2.0 NVIDIA-1.4.52
GL_ATIX_pn_triangles was not found, but is available in driver version 2.0 NVIDIA-1.4.52
GL_EXT_texture_sRGB was not found, but is available in driver version 2.0 NVIDIA-1.5.2


Now, what is the problem and how can i solve it?


Thanks again :blush:

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It seems that your graphics card drivers do not support the modes neccesary for Doom3 to run.

You could try other 3d Accelerated using programs to see if they do work to see the extend at wich your card supports 3d graphics at all.

QE and CI are supported but OpenGL is broken on your end. Try if other drivers or another OpenGL framework (which sits in Frameworks folder instead of Extensions)

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