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Problems to get 9700Pro and Atheros based USB WIFI working


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Hi guys!


Ive installed OSX using uphuck 1.4i. This is my system config:

2,4Ghz P4

1Gig mem

845G Chipset mobo

ICH4 southbridge

Radeon 9700Pro AGP


Everything works, the system boots, sound works, even the display works except for QE and CI and my USB wifi.

Under System profiler it says:

Ati Radeon 9700Pro



Core Image: Not supported


Quartz Extreme: Not supported


During installation ive used Callisto 008 and AGPGart 1.2.


The other thing that isnt working is my Atheros based USB wifi card. Ive installed the IO80211Family.kext. during installation so it should work.



How do I get my Radeon to display QE and CI and how do I get my Atheros WIFI card to work?


THanks for the help! ;)

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