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  1. Yosemite XFX 290X 4GB DisplayPort stopped working

    Disabling CSM gave me Clover GUI on 290X but I couldn't get my 2 screens to work that way, nor did it offer a solution for the display port issue. I left it disabled but switched PEG back to IGFX as preferred graphic boot device. Ive tried adding the video ports as an integer also but no juice on the display port still.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been running a display port connection together to my main 2560x1080 screen with a second screen on the onboard HD4000 through DVI for over 6 months. After updating OSX one day my display port connection stopped working. For no clear reason, it just stopped working. I am running a reference 4GB 290X by XFX. Having no time to look into the issue I switched my main screen to DVI. That works fine. Now though I have a second machine I want to hook up to the main screen, and that only works with DVI so I need the port free so I need to switch back to display port. If I plug the screen into display port the screen gets recognized by the system, system profiler says the screen is connected through display port and the config screen "sees" the screen and has the correct resolution set. Yet the screen stays blank. How can I get my display port connection working again? It works fine in windows so its not the cable. I havent changed anything in the machines bios. Internal GPU is set as primary boot due to the 290x not displaying the clover GUI otherwise needed for dual booting Ive updated my outdated clover to latest revision. I have not changed anything in the clover config to "break" the connection myself. I have added frame buffer Baladi in clover config but that did nothing. Other users here confirm that the 290X works out of the box, no injection and nothing needed using Displayport. I can confirm this too, yet for unknown reasons now my screen now stays blank. I am pretty sure an OSX update killed it, but I cannot figure out what it is that got changed. Does anybody have an idea? If more information is needed feel free to ask. I have uploaded my clover bootlog: http://pastebin.com/mUuBBjuT And my clover config: http://pastebin.com/2HuujRcK
  3. ATi HD5770 10.8.1 Triple Screen Issues

    I fixed mine, maybe this helps for you too. I reconnected 1 screen at a time with reboots in between now using DVI,DVI and DP->DVI. GE=Yes with AtiConfig=Vervet gives me 3 screens now. 10.7 required the hdmi port, 10.8 thinks 2x DVI is the way to go. Maybe in your case try using different DP sockets and fiddle until you find the right combination. It wasn't the framebuffer or GE, it's the ports used to connect the screens in my case.
  4. Sapphire HD 6750 2 GB

    Are you using GraphicsEnabler?
  5. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    My cable is doing great! Amazing quality, clear instructions. Really a bargain I feel. I could have never made them that well for that amount of cash. The cable looks like its stock Apple. Thanks again!
  6. ATi HD5770 10.8.1 Triple Screen Issues

    I've tried connecting my screens with DVI, DVI and DP->DVI already. Also tried adding a device properties string in the chameleon boot plist like this using the hex string from my network card. Didnt work either. In verbose mode I can see that I'm using the Vervet frame buffer.
  7. ML update 10.81

    You can try using those kexts instead off the stock ml 10.8.1 kexts. Back up the old ones and install new kexts with kext wizard or something similar. Repair permissions and reboot. If you get kernel panics you can always reboot in safe mode and restore the old kexts.
  8. ATi HD5770 10.8.1 Triple Screen Issues

    Dear forum users, I'm having issues getting my three screens to work under my new Mountain Lion installation. I have a Sapphire HD5770 Crossfire setup. My screens are connected using DVI, HDMI and a certified active DP->DVI adapter to the first HD5770 card. Booting with GraphicsEnabler=No gives me three screens but no QI/CE Booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes gives me only 2 screens, the HDMI screen goes idle but the DVD app works. How do I get QE/CI working while having three screens? Now I have three screens or QE/CI. Both is the goal. Thanks for the help!
  9. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Are there still cables for sale?
  10. Problems to get 9700Pro and Atheros based USB WIFI working

    Come on people, Ati Radeon 9700Pro drivers and Atheros Network drivers?
  11. Problems to get 9700Pro and Atheros based USB WIFI working

    No one has a solution for this? Its really annoying that the only things not working are the WIFI and the QE, CI stuff.
  12. Hi guys! Ive installed OSX using uphuck 1.4i. This is my system config: 2,4Ghz P4 1Gig mem 845G Chipset mobo ICH4 southbridge Radeon 9700Pro AGP Everything works, the system boots, sound works, even the display works except for QE and CI and my USB wifi. Under System profiler it says: Ati Radeon 9700Pro blabla blabla Core Image: Not supported blabla Quartz Extreme: Not supported During installation ive used Callisto 008 and AGPGart 1.2. The other thing that isnt working is my Atheros based USB wifi card. Ive installed the IO80211Family.kext. during installation so it should work. How do I get my Radeon to display QE and CI and how do I get my Atheros WIFI card to work? THanks for the help!