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anybody using asrock 775dual-vsta with pci-e+sata?


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Hi Everybody!

Got my system up and running with Mac OS X 10.4.9


Intel Core 2 Duo 6400

Asrock 775 Dual VSTA Mobo with 2 GB DDR2 RAM


Some old IDE HD...


So I got all my hardware working except my crappy old TV card..no biggy.

Toughest was the graphics, but I got ci/qe working.


Here is what I don't like so far:

-Mouse tearing

-rather poor graphics performance: scrolling through web doesn't feel smooth, HD video playback is bad...

-HD could be faster


So I'm thinking about..

...moving my OS X to my new, faster SATA II drive

...Buying a used Geforce 7900GT pci expr.


Has anybody made similar upgrades? Is this going to solve my problems and make my os run smoother?

Next Computer has to be a real mac :D


Thx for any replies!!

cheers fleisch

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