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AppleIntel8225.kext needs to be reinstalled every few reboots


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Every few times I restart my OS X install (Lan is Intel Pro 100/VE), I'll get the message that AppleIntel8225.kext was improperly installed and cannot be used. So from here, I'll go through the process of reinstalling it, and it works for a while, then I start up again, and must re-install. This inconvenience is becoming a regrettable show-stopper, as I need to have a consistent reliable system, in case I need to boot and go. I'd hate to revert to Xp over something as silly.


While I'm here, I also run on GMA950 graphics, with very nice support. I changed the res/refresh from 1440x900@60 to 1440x900@75, mainly for sharper text quality. Every time I start up again, and the networking issue occurs, the display is also reverted to 1440x900@60.


Any ideas/suggestions are well appreciated.





PS. Build is Kalyway 10.4.10 v 1.1 w/Safari and Rosetta patches installed.

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