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2 Things i need to make in a usable OS

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Hi I installed JaS OS 10.4.7 and it works fine exept i need sound and internet(WiFi)

My PCI wifi adapter is A ZyXEL G-302 V3 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Adapter



Sound PCI CARD ALC888(skippyretard ALC888 package only messed up my os x[had to reinstall])


Any suggestions my main purpose in to solve the internet problem but help on sound will be appriated


I have a HP a1410y and Has a Celeron D 3.2 ram 224mb(32mb for integrated video card) 2 80gb ide HDDs(1 windows and other for Mac os x) ATi Readon Xpress 200


I am new to this and doing this for my pursonal enjoyment


Thanks for looking

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