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  1. Any one have the files. I would like to try this fix because that's the last thing missing from my HacBook. Thanks
  2. machintosh-2

    I'm Sorry if this is Rude, but why?
  3. Ok let me sum this up... Anything i do Installing MBR or GUID nothing works :-( I even got Kalyway but that can't even see my HDD :-( Terribly i need help Thanks Solved I used Netkas's GUID tutorial for booting It worked Inderct thanks to netkas
  4. Does Vista look prettier than OS X?

    Lol I used RK launcher it does it on deafult I guess I'll Be using Scale effect...
  5. Does Vista look prettier than OS X?

    This is my experiment I took Vista Ultimate and skinned it to be leopard Windows aero transitions with The elegantness of Leopard The Only pull back is Safari(for Win) Just take a look at these snapshots Yes it is vista
  6. No I can't even boot the Hard Drive anymore not even through VMware It tells me GUID HDD not supported same with MBR Edit: Wait found something I found Something in the Disk settings and I'm installing now...
  7. Well I haven't been here in a while and I was surprised to see that Leopard(By surprised I mean impressed). So I got 2 versions JaS OS 10.5.2 and iATKOS 2.0i This is my current configuration is HP Pavilion a1410y RAM: 2GB Processor: Intel Celeron D 3.20 GHz Video: ATi Radeon Xpress 200 Sound: Realtek ALC888 Network:Realtek RLT8139 80 GB hard drive (Windows and Ubuntu) Second 80 GB HDD (Mac OS X 5 [Not booting]) First one I tried was JaS OS No Go Stalls and releases CPU And the I tried iATKOS 2.0i Worked perfectly Formatted and installed everything I need I also had a puzzling thought on what patches i should install(so that is also a possibility, wrong patches) So if someone can tell me why it's not booting or give me proper patches, that would be nice If you need more info on my system PM me Thanks.
  8. ATI Radeon Xpress 200m

    I got it to work w/ JaS OS 10.4.7 theres a driver for integrated ATi Drivers so it is possible!!!!
  9. Hi I installed JaS OS 10.4.7 and it works fine exept i need sound and internet(WiFi) My PCI wifi adapter is A ZyXEL G-302 V3 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Adapter http://www.zyxel.com/web/product_family_detail.php?PC1indexflag=20040520161256&CategoryGroupNo=47721EB8-E558-4C33-8897-393D5DDB076A Sound PCI CARD ALC888(skippyretard ALC888 package only messed up my os x[had to reinstall]) Any suggestions my main purpose in to solve the internet problem but help on sound will be appriated I have a HP a1410y and Has a Celeron D 3.2 ram 224mb(32mb for integrated video card) 2 80gb ide HDDs(1 windows and other for Mac os x) ATi Readon Xpress 200 I am new to this and doing this for my pursonal enjoyment Thanks for looking
  10. Partition Problems

    IT's been 3 weeks pullease help me
  11. Partition Problems

  12. Partition Problems

    OK! HP Pavilion a1410y:Celeron D intel 3.33 GHz sse2 sse3 RAM 244+32 shared(with intergrated video card) Graphics by ATi Radeon Xpres 200 2x80 GB Hard Drives DVD versions: JaS OS X 10.4.7, Uphuck 10.4.9(tried both) Setup(I know my specs by using everest ultimate) I tick anything that applies to my computer Method: Installing mac os on my other blank drive if theres anything else i'm missing please tell me
  13. Partition Problems

    tried over 30 times today to partion a drive for mac os x and i get these messages: 1.Cannot read partion map (When tring to erase the fat 32 partition) 2.Input/output error(when actually partioning the drive) before install screen : 1.SAD multimedia: READ and WRITE ERROR When partitioned with macdrive 1.Stated Install[after all CORRECT sttings and start] log says cannot write *\*\*\insatllOS.installplan Please help! im getting a headache from this(also affecting my spelling) thanks in advance