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Leopard X11 and OpenGL on Wine


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Should work fine. I had steam and SiN episode 1 running on my MBP with 9a499, but that version of Xorg had a fullscreen bug and was a bit unstable. The 9a559 build I'm running currently has an issue with the wine configure script not being able to find the GL libs, despite them being present in /usr/X11/lib.


This was a regression from 499, so I'm confident that this will work fine in Leopard, I'm looking forward to HL-2 under Wine on my MBP finally!


(You'll need to build it yourself though, as the builds you linked don't have OpenGL enabled, as they're built on Tiger. This is pretty easy to do, and you no longer need Darwine, just freetype (included with Leo I think) and fontforge).

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