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    R.I.P Prawker

    Just saw his pic, a bright and cheerful young man. 17 is too young to go. A really sad piece of news. My wishes are with his family and friends in these trying times.
  2. Have been doing this for ages. Don't worry about bootloader, you can corrupt and rewrite it so doesn't matter much. What matters is you know how to recover from a situation where you pc is not booting to any OS. For this either you need the Vista/XP boot disk or a bootable rescue disk created with BartPE/VistaPE - These are like live XP/Vista systems booted from DVD's to rescue your system. So incase bootloader is an issue its a simple matter of booting off the dvd and rewriting it. EasyBCD is the way to go, that's what I use to boot XP, Vista, Ubuntu, and OSX on 2 separate drives. I chucked Vista recently but kept the Vista bootloader as that is easier to manage with EasyBCD. I have 4 OSs on Disk 1 and a test copy of OSX Leopard on Disk 2. The only bootloader I have is the Vista bootloader on Disk one and EasyBCD which I use to boot Vista, XP, Ubuntu and OSX - 2 copies on either disk. The Vista bootloader boots Vista or XP, or hands off to Neogrub which is configured by easyBCD and is a file rather than a bootloader on XP partition that boots Ubuntu or either partition/disk of OSX via the Netkas pc-efi boot file. It's simple and robust compared to writing multiple bootloaders or installing grub etc on MBR. Here's a explanation for MBR and XP/Vista bootloaders and how things work and how they go wrong by yours truly available at easybcd site. http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?...;highlight=raul
  3. raulb

    Multi Boot Unsuccessful

    You can't install osx in logical partitions if you are going to boot with darwin bootloader on MBR or chain0 method, you would need netkas efi boot through grub to accomplish that. So make sure you install OSX on a primary partition, refer to the many dual boot guides available here.
  4. I can't imagine how much time and work has gone on getting each of these to work. 10.4.9 Uphuck 10.4.10 XXX Leopard Flat Image - Haha, the fun of dding this image and losing your partitions. Being stuck with a 20GB partition. Fortunately quite easy to expand that. Still using this updated first to 10.5.1 and now to 10.5.3 combo. 10.5.1 iATKOS 1.0i R2
  5. Hi need some experts to weigh in here. I don't have a problem as such but need to understand a few things/ I have 2 disks, both sata and partitioned with fdisk, no gpt partition stuff. So I have XP on the first a partition of the first disk and OSX on the first partition of the second disk installed via flat img. I have vista bootloader booting XP and manage it with EasyBCD. So I had added an entry for OSX via EasyBCD (EasyBCD creates a file called nst_mac.mbr which I presume is chain0 from OSX) and it worked well enough for ages. Now I had to restore an OSX backup recently via diskimage and lost boot on the OSX drive. I would get chain0 error. I got it back after installing darwin bootloader back to disk2 via the 'fdisk -e, dd boot1h, and startupfile method'. This took some time, I would get the blinking cursor etc untill I 'somehow' finally got it right. That somehow is bugging me and I need to know exactly it works. 1. Since EasyBCD is creating chain0 (nst_mac.mbr) on the XP drive and Vista bootloader is referencing that which I presume is the mac mbr to boot osx through it why would I need to reinstall darwin bootloader on disk2 and do all the blessing, active business? Shouldn't chain0 from darwin be able to locate the hfs partition on disk 2 automatically and boot it? 2. EasyBCD has Neogrub which I use to boot Ubuntu. By setting up an entry for OSX in neogrub menu.1st like this with boot_V8 from netkas I can boot the OSX partition. title Leopard kernel (hd0,0)/NST/boot_v8 quiet This method doesn't need the darwin bootloader or the osx partiton or for the osx partition to be active. So I need to understand what exactly is happening and how Darwin boots. EDIT: Found this great resource here: http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t72400.html
  6. Hey Bronya, I have been out of the OSX86 thing for some time, The last time I checked this thread was 10.5.1 driver. It was 38 pages and you said you are retiring from driver. Was sad reading that because without you no good drivers and QI/CI for 1950 folks. Good to see you still here and supporting this driver. Good stuff. Just updated 10.5.4 and installed your driver for 10.5.3 from page 1, working out of the box without issues. Thanks.