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Can't choose device to install to


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I used tubgirl's latest install DVD. Everything works fine until I get to the section where I have to choose what device to install OSX on. Nothing shows up, it just stays blank and doesn't let me install OSX on anything. I decided to use parition magic and create about 8.3 of unallocated space, in hopes of that resolving the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't. I have an SATA drive, might that be the problem? I think I read somewhere that PATA is best. Might anyone be able to help me out? Thanks for any help.

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Its not that pata is better its just that some sata chipsets arnt supported...!!!


You are a bit vague.. but I would suggest that your sata chipset isnt supported from install.....Nforce??

I would try an IDE h/disk and take it from there...


Maybe if you post some specs, someone with your mobo etc!! will have an answer....


Paul (kadmiff)

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I used CPUZ, and am posting what specs I think might help. If more info is needed, please let me know. Once again, I am grateful for any help.



AMD Turion 64 ML-34 (1.8 GHz), Codename: Lancaster

Socket 754




Manufacturer: Acer, Inc.

Model: Lugano M

Chipset: SiS 760GX

Southbridge: SiS LPC Bridge



Brand: Acer

Version: 3A27

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