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How to start OSx86?


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I had the same issue, what type of cd did you use? Make sure you are using dvd -r did you follow the guide to correctly format your hdd? First FAT32 then use Apple Utitility to change it to Mac format. What type of hdd did you use? Sata or Pata, Pata are much easier to work with, also try using another harddrive


Those were all the issues I had come up, had same problem with having it install, then it freezes at the reboot of the installation process. And after I used a Dvd-r changed harddrive formated it in FAT32(used Xp installation disk, partition your hd under 30 gb and format it in FAT32 not quick format though!, and manually turn off computer when it starts copying the xp files)


Hope this help!

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