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Can I Install OSx86 on my Notebook?


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I have a Dell E1505 (M6400).


Intel Core Duo

ATi X1400 Mobility Radeon

2GB of RAM

120 GB HDD

Broadcom 1390 Wireless Card

Default Audio

Tru-Brite Screen


I'm trying to install Kalyway DVD 10.4.10 IntelSSE3. I've already downloaded it.



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The point that everyone is trying to make here is that you need to try.....


OSX86 is not just a quick way out of windows, and is strictly experimental....


It is up to you to decide how you need to do things, and it is not our responsibility to walk you through everything, because with a simple Google search you can find millions of tutorials about the actual installation process....


I think that this thread board is mislabeled, and should not just be called OSx86 Installation, but rather OSx86 Installation mishaps, where people ask about something that went wrong during the process....


A tip to that google search btw:


you are very unlikely to find an article about installing 10.4.10 on your specific model of pc....


Instead, because your version is an SSE3 release, you could use CPU-z (google that also) to find out the specs of the pc that you are using


With a little bit of research, you will be able to figure out that SSE3 is a set of instructions that your processor must be able to support to be able to run the install....


Also, there are specific ways that you need you hard drive set up, and (I didn't even look at your specs, because to me or anyone else who doesn't like doing other people's homework they are completely useless...) but if your computer is a little bit newer, and used SATA drives, you are likely to run into a Root device error, which there are tons of posts about also...


These threads are for specific unique problems, and are to also be used as an archive of information to be looked at first BEFORE A POST....


A word of advice from me would be if you cannot afford to loose everything on your computer, have no clue about anything that I just said, or do not like to read information for yourself instead of have everyone sum everything up for you, then you SHOULD NET EVEN ATTEMPT THIS PROCESS OF EXPERIMENTATION

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Well I agree with all you've just said, but he was just asking someone if they got OS X to work before he purchased the laptop. He was not asking for a step by step hold my hand tutorial. Lighten up, if it bothers you just ignore it; either way you get the same result.

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