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  1. Can I Install OSx86 on my Notebook?

    Did you get it to work? I'm considering one of these. This is the new precision workstation laptop that can have up to 16gb of RAM and a quad processor right?
  2. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Hey I've got a inspiron 5150 with a truemobile 1400 broadcom a/b/g inside that is working thanks to this thread and another tip about adding your id to the appleairport2.kext (!important). So don't give up! Now if I could just get the display to go to sleep...
  3. The Official SATA thread

    I have intel ich7 SATA controller on a Dell Dimension 5150 Dualcore and was wondering if there is a kext extension or patch I can apply to enable this as my main physical drive is on this device. Also, how can I write to the files in my mac partition if Darwin stalls at boot "waiting for root device"? I have knoppix, and have tried several others like macdrive which mounted it read only and some other one i can't remember didn't work either. I also have the windows bash shell port, but I can't write to anything in that area. Any ideas would be much appreciated.