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SpeedStep on UpHuck 1.4i R3 is NOT STABLE


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In the Description of the SpeedStep of the Installation of Uphuck 1.4i R3, it was said that it was the MOST Stable version of the SpeedStep, especially for CoreDuo Processor. However it was not on my U2500, I experoienced twice the 4-Rebooting-Language crash just after I installed the SpeedStep kext.


Here is just my experience, and just wanna let you know that be careful with it if you are not a skilled person on the Hackintosh.


And, additionally, GMA950 is not really perfect for my integrated 945 Card, the effects and videos are perfectly slow. Any idea with it? Or any body who is not experienced like this? Please let me know how did you deal with it, thx.

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core duo != core 2 duo difference


thinking, that the processor difference can have something to do with it,

just can't pinpoint it , anybody have some ideas ?

replaceing a cpu is major pain, incl. price .


did get it to run, once, with v1.4i on laptop, with booth cores,

on a T2500, after I ran speedstep, it crashed, so I had removed/deleted speedstep,

since it automatic started, and set the FSB manual FSB=166 or FSB=167,

don't know witch is a better value.

eventually hosed the install, with network kext, and restore, to fix boot problem,


the uphuck 10.4.9 R3 works good, but with one core only cpus=1


the other thing is , for v1.4i , would like NTFS ext3 and

copycatx included, or some sort of backup thing, maybe even a dual boot,

in some sort, aka gparted cd , one stop shop.


think the speedstep is only a gui interface, and relies on the kernel.


the other big problem, is sleep, for an laptop essential !?!



1 booth cores cpus=2 core duo and core 2 duo

2 sleep / wake

3 speed step / throttle

4 fan control


are there any place to lock, for logs, crash info, and or even prior, to find some panic ?

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