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DVD-ROM drive

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Hi all,


I have been getting this small problem which is kinda annoying and I have searched around and found nothing that seems to fix it.


Every now and then when I put in a dvd or a cd, watch/use the dvd, then try to eject, the dvd doesn't come out.


The hdd light constantly flashes and if I click restart the system hangs, so I have to manually restart.


Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?


<System specs below>

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hello! i have a problem with my CD/Dvd Lg GSA H50n and it don't burn right, it burn insanely slow, so i'm wasting DVD for nothing ;)

I have no idea of what it's going on, maby is the firmware, i don't know...


Please if someone have an idea, please help!




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