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Dual Displays on ATI


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is that on a laptop/notebook ?


acesfullokc I have the x1300 working flawlessly minus dual mon...



have not seen anybody having one of those new latops, with X1300 x1250 mibility radeon,

up and running, with QE/QC , 1680x1050 resolution changes and external dual monitor ,....


hp makes awful nice notebooks,...

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does the X1300 X1250 work at all ?


with QE/QC and screen resolution change ?

10.4.9 ?


some of the new laptops have those chips,

but my impression was , vesa 1024x768 only, no support !?


first of all, x1300 and x1250 are completely different chips


x1300 is standalone GPU based on Radeon x1XXX series

x1250 is "All-In-One" with integrated periferies and based on x700 (claimed on Google)


so far, non of Callisto (tried 3,6,8) working with x1250 (kernel panic)

probably Radeon9700 is a target binary/kext to fix support for x1250

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