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Hi everyone,

i took a old vaio from 2002 PCV-RX650 i used the xxxOS x86 10.4.10...went into the bios disabled the HD and installed from the DVD...did the MBR in disk Utilties....i had windows on it first then the unbuntu linux stuff u can download for free...so i said screw that and just went with OSX installer it worked....everything is working,,,,and this machibe is so old....32 megs on the video card 512 megs of ram p4 1.6 and its not a pentium D either...eithernet werks audio works via firewire,,,

Wasnt i not supposed to get this far with this old machine? with what the dvd installer says u need

iworks'08 - Reason 4 - DP5 Running..was gonna put my logic 8.0 but i know i dont have enough ram and the video isnt go through on that one unless i take my dvd's from the box and use some hacked small App thats logic 8 cut up or might just do it with pacifist....

anyways it was cool trying this and getting it to werk.....lolol man i have like 4 old compaqs that can be resurrected....

THANKS 2 ?INTEL? so much for the switch muah ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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