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**HELP** Looking for RAR-lile File Archiver that splits large files in smaller ones!


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Hey Guys!


Firstly I'd like to say I LOVE this forum, really got loads of helpful info and tips from up here....


Either way, time to ask for all o' ya help as I have to backup a large ISO file to my backup HD which is used both by OSX (Hackintosh) and Win XP. However, as the file is 7 Gb I cannot simply vopy it as I get an error 1093 (file's too big, something to do with the formatting of the disk I believe as it is used by both OS'es.)


So I need a rar-like app that'll archive the iso in for example 500 mb or 1gb chunks. Apparently it should also be possible to do it with terminal and some strings, but I'm not that much of a wizkid.


Hope to get some suggestions!


BTW I checked for macRAR but that's an old app (powerPC binary which I unfortunately can't run on this hackbook...




M. Troni

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