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audio unit / vst / bridge / ppc / intel / windows


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Hi friends...


i often read things about a Linux Wrapper for VST Plugins from Windows to Linux.

now i read from steinberg that they will release a vst bridge for ppc to intel in nuendo 4.


i have absoltly no know how to programm something like that.


but does have anybody an idea how interessted people can get these?


i mean for me, i would donate some money for a programmer who make that possible..


i think the linux source code is available, the vst code for ub also... so i think a good programmer

can make it real? or working with cedega game porter??? i dont know how to realize, but i think

there is a chance?!


is somebody interessted also in this kind of tool?


i dont know what is the best... but i think a wrapper from windows vst to audio unit or mac vst would be great.


lets discuss these topic and share infos.


and hopefully we found a really good programmer for that ;)


sorry for my bad english...


best e

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