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On 10.4.9x86? I got audio, and lan working for x86, and ordered an x1900 GT(Cheapest one I found, wanted Nvidia, but had to be under $100) so it should be coming soon, but I just want to know how is gaming in os x86 with Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Doom 3, Unreal tournament 2004, and halo? And, does Halo 2 work in any way for the mac, with like parallels? This is the system I'm running it on.


AMD Athlon 64(sse3) Venice core oced@2.4 ghz

2048 ddr333 2700

Onboard audio, lan

ATI radeon x1900GT 256 mb.


Need to know weather to keep a small partition for windows, or not for this.

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