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Driver after Flashing a 7600 GS 768mb PCIe


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I've just flashed my 7600 GS with a rom supported with OSX !

Now it's recognized, but I still can't change resolution ?

Which driver should I use ?

I don't want to install something bad and have to reinstall all OSX :D


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Have you already tried out Natit's drivers?




or direct from installers.dl.am


I tried natit, but still some bugs.

I found NVinject, and all is OK now !

All runs perfectly (but my 7600 GS 768mb is a 7300GT 256mb now, due to flash)


Just need to update to 10.4.10 without loosing anything (i'm under JAS 10.4.9)

How to do it ? No more JAS realease with 10.4.10 !

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