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Install hell, this driving me mad...


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I realy need som help, this soon driving me mad.


Got 2 machines:


Dell d800 Laptop (intel sse2)


AMD x2 4400 (with Asus A8V Deluxe mobo, sse3)


On the D800 I got this issue:


Install Jas 10.4.6, cant get video to work with nvidia drivers, to old osx version to use with new programs, no way to update them, try to update gfx to natit, wont boot then.

Install Jas 10.4.8, cant get display om laptop screen, only on extra monitor, display on laptop has ni Hz (right 60) just N/A.

uphuck v1.3 or 1.4r2 (cant get it to boot kernal panic with some buffer output)


Only good here is I got the fw m-audio audiopile card to work on Jas 10.4.6


- - -



tried uphuck v1.3 or v1.4r2, amd 1048 final with 1049 patch

I have to unplug usb mouse after boot, else no go, fw not working, cant find my m-audio card ;) I have read tons of wiki, threds to figure this mess out (both pc:s) GFX fine on this machine, just the fw interface and audio drivers left (i hope)


I think I installed 50 times now :)


I hope to get some input how to get gfx on laptop working on internal monitor and get usb hung and fw no go on the AMD pc, and mabe some recomendations on witch dist to use for best result on both.




//"Refuse to give up on this"


Btv, can someone please show me a thred with howto on Pacifist usage. Sorry for my bad lang/english :)

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OK, mabe I have to be more specific B)


Can any one help out why TV6307 firewire chip dont work on my machine, seems to work on this mobo. (found usb fix Ill will try)

Need to know how pasifist works, how to overide install packages

How to get laptop nvidia display to work with 1680x1050x32@60 wide screen



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