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windows native partition on vmware

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Hi there, I couldn't find a satisfactory answer on the forum so I'm posting it, I apologize if it's a double posting though. I'm running 10.4.10 on a Hackint0sh and have about 6 partitions across 2 disks (windows Vista, Ubunbtu and osX as a main system). I installed Vmware Fusion 1.0 and would like to run Win applications out of it. I'm new to the vmware world and it doesn't show any virtual machine when it starts up. It'll let me make a new one, but I don't want to install everything again. Is there any way I can just add my existing (working fine otherwise) windows partition to Vmware?


I should also mention that when booting osX the NTFS partition loads as read only.





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try that:



Parallels - Boot your physical Windows partition from MacOS X86

[ Tutorials ] [ OSx86 ] by macgeek @ 10.02.2007 15:38 CEST

Sherry Haibara has found a way to boot physical Windows partitions in Parallels,

running inside a MacOS X86 install! Congrats! Here is the tutorial:


Get the latest Parallels beta here

Open Parallels and choose to create a new virtual machine.

It'll ask you what HD do you want to use. Choose Boot Camp.


Continue the setup, but do not run the Virtual Machine.

When finished, close Parallels.


Use a Text Editor to edit your virtual machine configuration file (*.pvs).

Find the line that says:


"Disk 0:0 image = Boot Camp" and replace it with this

"Disk 0:0 image = Boot Camp;diskxsy"


where diskxsy is your Windows/Linux/Other OS "Boot Camp" disk.

disk0s1 is valid for instance.


Save and exit.


Start up Parallels and launch the Virtual Machine. Enjoy!


source: InsanelyMac

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