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No PCI Cards working

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Hi Everybody!


Has anybody heard of this before? My PCI cards don't get recognized in OS X 10.4.8 (since the beginning), but in Windows they do.

I have no other issues with the motherboard, all SATA and USB, onboard sound work, just the PCI cards don't.


Since I am running Parallels now, I would like to get them working in OS X, so I can record and watch TV in Media Center on parallels.


Thanks so much !

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First Point: Nothing will show up in system profiler under PCI cards. That is normal but doesn't mean the card doesn't work.


Second Point: For any meaningful help you need to list each card you are trying to get working. (otherwise we are guessing.)

Many TV cards DON'T work, so on the front you might be out of luck. (but list the details first.)

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Well I am trying to get my Belkin PCI Wireless card working through Parallels in Windows (so the drivers will work in windows if I can assign the card to windows) but since they are not found in the system profiler, I cannot assign them to Parallels.

Is there any tools to make them visible in System Profiler?


The video card is Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150, and again I do not need it in Mac OS, but it would be great if I could run it through parallels!




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