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Printer issues in osx. Please dont make me go back to xp!


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Hi Guys


Im a recent switcher. New to the forum. Power user on XP and semi mac-n00b at the moment!Oops.png


I love my new mac and wanted to buy a macbook pro for myself and also a mac mini for my mom, but I have a few major issues I have to sort out first.


One being:


I have a Hp laserjet p2015dn shared on my network and I print to it using IP printing.


When I go file>print and print it works flawlessly. However, when I click the print shortcut in word for instance (or print through quicksilver), the printer thinks I want to use manual feed. Any ideas why this is?


To sum up: The printer wants to manually feed from tray one when i click the "print shortcut" in any app. If i go file>print it works perfectly.


I have already:

* Installed the latest printer drivers

* Reinstalled the printer

* Restarted the printer

* Tried bonjour printing


Im running:

* Mac mini G4 1.42

* OSX 10.4.10

* Connecting wirelessly to aiport extreme basestation (connected to jetdirect port on printer)


My xp machines doesnt have any problems. Any help will be appreciated. I have to get this working, its really really annoying!


Is there a place where I must change default settings or something?


Thanks for a great forum!

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By print shortcut I mean the print icon in word for instance. It prints immediately without the print dialog. Or if I go laserjet P2015>open file>current selection in quicksilver to print a batch of files. When Ive done this i have to physically go to the printer and press the go button to start the printing. (the printer status is "waiting for manual feed.")


However, if i go command-p or file>print, it brings up the print dialog. I dont change any settings, press print and the printer prints perfectly. (auto feed)


Sorry for being unclear in my description. Any ideas?

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