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mac os x working but not working

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Hey I installed several of the Mac OS X distros (like JaS 10.4.8 updated to 10.4.9, kalyway 10.4.10 & 10.5 (build 9a527), xxx 10.4.10)


I can get the all sistems running (except the kaly leopart 9a527) but after mac runs i can't install CS3, iWork 08, iLife 08, vmware Fusion, M$ Office 2004.


I relly don't understand why it works for the majority but not for me... It's been a week of installing formating and reinstalling other distros but no succes... can someone plz help?


i got back to M$ Vista now cuz i can't to anything in MAC OS X...


My System:

Intel P4 2.8Ghz

Asus P5GD1-VM

ATI X550 (when using mac have integrated Intel GMA 900)



I'll apreciate some help whit this strange problem...





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The lowest version I'd go is 10.4.7 or possibly 10.4.6 if I was really desperate. 10.4.2 and 10.4.3 are unusable, its well known.


Plus, why would it matter if the CPU supports SSE2 or SSE3? If you have Mac OS X successfully working, the applications you run won't depend on your SSE#.

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i can install the apps but can't use them...


Software I tryed:


Microsoft Office 2004 -install was ok, but when I enter in Word, PowerPoint and Excel when i try to write something i cannot see anything... after i save the file and reopen the document i saved in Text Editor i can see wahat i wrote in Word)

the same happens to iWork 08


in iLife 08 when i use iPhoto i cand see import photos... but when i click edit i can't actualy see the photo it's an gray area but if I apply the effects and reopen it in Viewer i can see the ajustemts that I have done


in iWeb 08 the New Page/Site buttons (and others) are disabled... there too i cannot see or edit anything...


vmware fusion it is not instalable... when it runs the final screen i get the gary screen of death (similar to windows it saids to restart)


CS3 when i try to run it it crashed i cant even get it running even with disabled menues etc...



i u can get me some help i'll appreciate it... thx

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Looks like it is working but the Xbench test won't confirm that QE/CI is working. Open System Profiler, click on the Graphics/Displays option from the left and see what it says next to Core Image, Quartz Extreme, and Rotation.

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