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GMA 900 issues? Please Help!


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Everything works fine if i use my homemade VGA dongle. What im trying to do is use an external monitor while at home. This can be acheived if i boot it up and shut the laptop lid during boot, it works fin like this. I can also run it dual monitor with out any issue. BTW the external monitor is running at 1680x1050.


Now to where the problem is, im trying to change between the monitors on the fly due to the fact that my external monitor is also my tv. If i try to use the keyboard shortcut(the only way i know how to) it wigs out and displays the top left about third of the desktop with a washed out white overlay with weird horizontal lines in it and the apple logo superimposed over all this across the middle. If i try to switch it back to the lcd it stays in this weird wigged out mode forcing me to restart.


Any ideas?


PS i have Diabolik's GMA fixer and the JaS GMA fixer installed from the install DVD. :)

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