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  1. L34p4rd x2

    I figured that was it!! I thought these poor people would be in need of a lightening of the mood in the final hours. PS. If you need help testing PM me (i have 3 computers with different setups to test on) One AMD, one SSE2, and one SSE3 (all 10.4.10 compatible)
  2. L34p4rd x2

    Holy you guys are cutting it close on making this dvd. I mean you got 3 hours and you havent got the final ready? What about doing a test install to make sure its working? Im being sarcastic if no one gets it, i know how these things work
  3. L34p4rd x2

    After helping with some of the after support on Tiger I can't wait to get my hands on leopard and work out any kinks with hardware/software. And bikedude if you see fit i would like to get this if it is in your possesion early so i know how to help people when it comes time.(No this isnt my old username and i dont get it until 8pm due to CST)
  4. Leopard on osx86?

    so lemme get this straight, the hacking community is releasing the true OSx86 version of the leopard final release the same day apple is releasing the final release? If so this is friggin sweet, but i doubt they will ignore us much longer. ZMG
  5. nOOb needs help from the vets

    dont listen to the guy above me, i have a Broadcom chipset wireless working in my laptop right now thank you very much dont let what he said persuade you. PS if you need help with the wireless PM me
  6. ok Everything works fine if i use my homemade VGA dongle. What im trying to do is use an external monitor while at home. This can be acheived if i boot it up and shut the laptop lid during boot, it works fin like this. I can also run it dual monitor with out any issue. BTW the external monitor is running at 1680x1050. Now to where the problem is, im trying to change between the monitors on the fly due to the fact that my external monitor is also my tv. If i try to use the keyboard shortcut(the only way i know how to) it wigs out and displays the top left about third of the desktop with a washed out white overlay with weird horizontal lines in it and the apple logo superimposed over all this across the middle. If i try to switch it back to the lcd it stays in this weird wigged out mode forcing me to restart. Any ideas? PS i have Diabolik's GMA fixer and the JaS GMA fixer installed from the install DVD.
  7. No PCI on Dell Optiplex gx520

    i am having this same problem but with a multi-card reader and i might be able to help your wireless problem, i've helped out alot of friends on that, if you want me to try post your card make and model.
  8. Leopard and Hackintosh

    Hey everyone I'm not new to computers but am relatively new to the hackint0sh scene, I've been reading on this site for a while and have a fully running 10.4.8 installon my dell laptop and am willing to do anything i can to help the process of getting leopard working. If anyone can think of anything i can do just say so, and i am also decent at programming and have used *nix systems for a long time. zachmg
  9. First off any thing you do to your computer is your own fault, this means don't come to me becuase your computer died. ________________________________________________________________________________ _ Ethernet: This is specifically for the Intel PRO/100 VE My first couple of tries on getting this to work failed miserably, I then tried some other ways on my own and got it to work. Here's how I did it. 1) Goto this forum and follow his instructions up until the part about removing the kextcache 2) Instead of folling his directions open terminal and type: 3) Once this is done and there are no errors go to Disk Utility and repair disk persmissions 4) Reboot and look in System Preferences-->Network-->the Show dropdown to see if the internal ethernet is recognised ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________ Tips and tricks 1) If you are having trouble with the airport utility opening with the card do this: 1)Open the same file used in changing the Utitily to en1 2)In that file right below that there is a string that contains <integer>0</integer>, change that to <integer>1</integer> 2) If you are getting hung at a blue screen on startup do this: 1) Search for the One Wire Trick or the paper clip trick and use that 3) If your wireless will not auto connect to a network do this: 1) Go into the Network Preference Pane and go to airport in the Show list 2) Once there change the option to Preferred Networks 3) Delete all networks out of that 4) Re add the networks you want 5) Switch it back to automatic 6) Reboot These are all the things I can think of right now I will update later if anything new comes into my knowledge. Also if you have any trouble with my guide aske here and I will try to help.