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Help needed to reinstate network 10.4.10


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As I keep telling people this whole hackintosh thing has been a total breeze so a big thanks to all the tech guys here who have made it easy for a luddite like me to get a solid reliable working machine up and running. Last night added more memory and installed a 7600 gs nvidia using Natit a total sinch. Thanks for that


My only issue is after the 10.4.10 upgrade I lost networking, well the system thinks its lost networking as every time I boot it runs the network setup but I still can connect to the internet through a router connected to the onboard lan just fine but cannot see the windows machine which I could before the upgrade.


The network assistant shows red that the network card is not working.


As I was doing the upgrade I did it twice and obviously over wrote the saved network kext (or whatever)

So not sure which way to proceed to get it back.


Try and install original networking from Jas 10.4.8 how would I approach that.

any other suggestions


My last resort is to do a complete reinstall but I am reluctant as this machine is now fully loaded with work and software installed it would take a good bit of time to get it back to this level of operational nirvana.


Yes I should of made an image of the fully working 10.4.8


thanks in advance



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you need the /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext from a compatible version. Assuming 10.4.8 was a success you should be able to browse the 10.4.8 installation CD and extract the folder from the installation package (which may be compressed inside an Archive.something.something file).. and of course, start backing up your extensions folder before major system updates.

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