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vostro 1500 question

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ive been thinking of the dell vostro 1500

i hear both the 8400m gs and the 8600m gt graphics cards are not supported by osx86

which one do you think will be first

the latest macbook pro also has a 256mb 8600m gt so shouldnt it be working?


also is it worth the extra $100 to upgrade from the 128mb 8400m gs up to the 256mb 8600m gt


also how would both of these cards be for moderate gaming on windows if there isnt ever osx86 support



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The 8600M gt is good for moderate gaming definitly worth the extra $100 but is not suported by osx86(as you already know)

I agree, I'd go with the 8600M. As far as OSX86 support goes well, you'll just have to wait it out =(.

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