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How to setup the 508us…

Uphuck’s 10.4.9 - format disk with install

Use 10.4.9 for intel cpu

Kernel – use intel sse3

Drivers- use ICH7-R, USB, Azalia Audio, Power Management Bundle

Applications- if you want to install, it is up to you.


The setup already has the video chipset in it. You will have great video. On mine I can only get the USB speed up to 12 mbps, not full usb 2.0, have not got that figured out yet… One more thing, you will find the computer will not sleep or shut down in the proper manor. I had to remove the wireless card and use a usb stick like the linksys or belkin stick. Drivers are available for os x. The card acts funny with the little switch thing on the top case by the power button. It is a broadcom bcm4311 wireless card. I have tried all kinds of stuff but still can’t get it to work. I did make it work with XP though… but that’s another story… Hope this helps.

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